Active Threat Mitigation, Part 2: Case Studies

Lead Instructor:  J. Hart
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This lesson covers a series of Active Threat Case Studies. Each Case Study will review the circumstances that led to the situation, the actions of the participants, the final resolution, and an analysis of each Case.

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Lesson Specs


  1. Watch the Lesson
  2. Take notes on key aspects
  3. Ask questions on the Forum

Lesson Chapters

  1. Introduction to Case Studies
  2. Van Buren Incident, Part 1
  3. “Just in Time” Training
  4. Clackamas Town Center Mall Shooting
  5. Torrance Car Dealership Incident
  6. Van Buren Incident, Part 2
  7. Social Media
  8. Van Buren Incident, Part 3
  9. Gunfire Incidents

Lead Instructor

J. Hart

Director, Force Training Institute

As the Director of Force Training Institute, Jay Hart leads a team of first responders, anti-terrorism, cybersecurity, defensive tactics, and crisis management specialists with the vast cumulative experience and expertise in safety and security.


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