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Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) Function and Utilization

With proper training the Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) becomes a powerful defensive and offensive weapon.

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Active Threat Mitigation and Response

Topics covered include the Principles of Active Threat Mitigation, an Analysis of Case Studies, and Proper Response to Active Threats.

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MTS: Edged Weapon and Firearm Defense

There are numerous factors to be considered when dealing with an edged-weapon attack.

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MTS Fundamentals

The Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) was created to address the growing concerns of increasing violent encounters.

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MTS: Unarmed and Blunt Object Defense

Violent encounters are often tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving.

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MTS: Personal Weapons and Defenses

Combative movements may be needed in addition to your use of the MTS.

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