MTS: Personal Weapons and Defenses

Lead Instructor:  J. Hart
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Combative movements may be needed in addition to your use of the MTS. Ballistic techniques include punches, kicks, elbow strikes, and knees. These are tools to help you in the fight for your life or to defend the life of another. In this lesson, learn how to use personal weapons in conjunction with your MTS to provide yourself with a high level of self defense.

Lesson Specs


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  2. Take notes on key aspects
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Lesson Chapters

  1. Stances
  2. Punches
  3. Elbow Strikes
  4. Front Kicks
  5. Knee Strikes

Lead Instructor

J. Hart

Director, Force Training Institute

As the Director of Force Training Institute, Jay Hart leads a team of first responders, anti-terrorism, cybersecurity, defensive tactics, and crisis management specialists with the vast cumulative experience and expertise in safety and security.


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