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Our success is driven by the success of our students. Here are what some of them have to say:

The training was excellent as was evidenced by the comments from merchants and their desire to plan and implement the plan.

- Marc S.

Very informative, and well delivered message. Thank you.

- Barbara M.

Thank You so much for the training and all the valuable information you shared. I will go ahead and inform my associates and managers or what you taught us today.

- Anais F.

Thanks for two great training sessions today at i3's Innovision conference. They were very informative, engaging, and enlightening!

- Barbara B.

Really enjoyed presentation and found it educational

- Brian B.

Very good presentation. Presenters were knowledgeable, engaging, and sensitive to the subject matter.

- Casey H.

...very well run and presented. (excerpt)

- Carol M.

Extremely enjoyed the seminar, nothing but positive feedback. The hand on portion was the part that everyone continued to talk about but, the one thing that really stood out was the overall knowledge of the two instructors."

- Vincent A.

Really loved the course and gave me a general understanding of handgun safety, use, and well as terminology that definitely sparked interest in me to keep learning. I can say that I was a bit nervous when I first arrived just because I have never fired a live-ammo gun before but the safety rules and guidelines as well as the expertise of the instructors made me feel safe and I definitely would take the course again.

- Alexander D.

What a valuable course! Everyone who owns a firearm should have this type of exposure and education from such knowledgeable sources.

- Marilyn B.

Time very well spent! The Fundamentals course was just that and just what I needed. The instruction was professional and I appreciated the fact that the staff was willing to stay through the lightning and rain to finish the class: Especially after driving quite a distance to attend. Thank you!

- Teri P.

Fun and Informative!

- Cole P.

The course was excellent! All of the explanations, principles for techniques, and cadence for the class curriculum were delivered in a digestible format. I really liked that fact that the instructors easily broke down complex principles for shooting to all levels of participants in the course, from beginners to advanced shooters alike. There are quite a few principles for shooting that correlate directly to Krav Maga training. I highly recommend FTI course for all levels of shooters.

- Christopher H.

I wanted to tell you that i loved the course. The instructors did a great job leaving me with some great advice i have not heard yet. Two thumbs up!

- Justin R.
There are many reasons to take advantage of the premium, one-of-a-kind training offered on Force Training Institute Academy. Here are a few of them:
1.  Immersive Education
Each lesson seamlessly incorporates slides, printouts, forums, peer chat, bookmarks, notes, progress tracking and more.
2.  One-of-a-Kind Curriculum
These unique, proprietary courses were developed specifically for this Academy. You will not find the material anywhere else.
3.  Top Subject Experts
Learn directly from the leading experts in law enforcement, protection and self-defense.
4.  Tests and Certifications
Validate your expertise with tests and certifications that are directly tied to the course and lesson material.
5.  Ask the Experts
If you hit a difficult area or have a question, you can post it in the moderated forums to be answered by a subject expert.
6.  Learn at Your Own Pace and Convenience
Online learning gives you the ability to view the lessons and take the tests at your own speed. You can view the lessons as many times as you wish and you progress to the next lesson at your pace.
7.  Linear Learning
Each lesson builds upon the last, so you can apply your new skills and maximize your absorption of the material.
8.  Reduced Learning Expenses
Unlike traditional in-person classes, our online platform allows you to save both time and money by learning from home instead of having to travel and pay to use a facility.
9.  Supports Different Learning Styles
Our immersive courses benefit both visual and auditory learners. Whether you prefer reading our slides and printouts or learn more from watching and listening to the video portion, the system is accommodating to all learning styles.
10.  Real-World Approach
These courses are designed to teach you real-world, practical skills that are applicable in everyday life.
11.  Useful for All Experience Levels
Force Training Institute Academy promotes a skillset and training style that can be adopted by students of any experience level.

Force Training Institute exists to advance the safety and security of people, information, and property. We are comprised of a diverse and highly experienced group of subject matter experts with legal, corporate, risk management, security, military, and law enforcement backgrounds. We provide a full spectrum approach toward the fields of crisis management, and both personal and organizational safety and security, while remaining acutely aware of liability issues.

Force Training Institute works with and advises hundreds of private and public organizations in the United States and abroad, including retailers, Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, educational institutions, airports, security teams, military units, and law enforcement agencies . We have extensive experience providing unique assessment, consulting, training, and certification programs designed for use in critical infrastructure and national assets, which offer solutions to well-defined public safety threats, and those that are newly emerging.

Force Training Institute’s recommendations are characterized by a logical, progressive, and integrated approach to learning that results in a highly effective, easy-to-learn, and practical method of implementation for critical problems and life threatening situations. Our programs provide real world effectiveness and legally defensible applications of reasonable force and threat mitigation while improving organizational resiliency.