J. Hart

Director, Force Training Institute

As the Director of Force Training Institute, Jay Hart leads a team of first responders, anti-terrorism, cybersecurity, defensive tactics, and crisis management specialists with the vast cumulative experience and expertise in safety and security.

Mr. Hart is also a Police Lieutenant for one of Los Angeles County’s largest municipal police departments, and he has testified as an expert in law enforcement training, policies, procedures, and use of force issues. With over a decade of SWAT experience, Mr. Hart is in charge of his agency’s Use of Force, Active Shooter, and Firearms training programs. He is a certified POST Advanced Instructor, Force Science Research Analyst, FBI Firearms Instructor and Law Enforcement Instructor with the Krav Maga Worldwide Force Training Division.

Mr. Hart has worked with numerous retail organizations, as well as global and national Fortune 500 companies to create and implement active shooter mitigation programs and emergency management response plans. Moreover, he had helped develop the Countering Violent Extremism in California resource guide and continues to assist organizations in threat assessment, risk management, and emergency management planning. Mr. Hart has received numerous awards for his work in the private sector and he is currently a member of the National Research Council, Security Advisory Group in Washington D.C.